Viet Restaurant Hanoi: Experience Vietnamese Gastronomy

Viet Restaurant Hanoi is a culinary haven that immerses diners in the vibrant world of Vietnamese cuisine. Situated in the heart of the bustling Old Quarter, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience that combines traditional recipes, fresh ingredients, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


Viet Restaurant, situated in the bustling Old Quarter on the 8th floor of JM Marvel Hotel, presents a harmonious blend of authentic Vietnamese tastes in a modern and elegant ambiance. Restaurant doors welcome guests daily from 14:30 to 22:00, with the last order accepted at 21:30.

The Ambiance and Decor

Stepping into Viet Restaurant feels like entering a traditional Vietnamese home. The interior design boasts warm, earthy tones, with handcrafted wooden furniture and intricate artwork depicting scenes of Vietnamese life. Natural light streams in, illuminating the vibrant colors of hand-woven textiles adorning the walls. The gentle hum of traditional Vietnamese music creates a soothing atmosphere, transporting diners to a tranquil corner of Vietnam.

This curated ambiance reflects the core values of Vietnamese culture – simplicity, harmony, and a deep appreciation for nature. The subtle use of natural elements and traditional motifs seamlessly intertwines the restaurant’s decor with its culinary offerings, creating a cohesive and authentic experience.

The Menu

Viet Restaurant’s menu is a testament to the diversity and depth of Vietnamese cuisine. 

If you’re unsure about what to order, feel free to consider these 5 recommended set menus:

Set 1: Traditional Flavors (Total: 426,000 VND)

Appetizer (139,000 VND)

  • Deep-fried lotus root with cheese powder: The unique and savory flavor of cheese powder combined with the crispy texture of fried lotus root.
  • OR Deep-fried pillow cake: A light and delicate dish with a crispy crust and a savory meat filling.

Main Dishes (348,000 VND)

  • Bun cha Hanoi: A signature dish of Hanoi with grilled pork, sweet and sour dipping sauce, vermicelli noodles, and fresh herbs. (199,000 VND)
  • Pho Ha Noi (Bo/Ga): Traditional Vietnamese pho with flavorful broth, tender beef/chicken, rice noodles, and aromatic herbs. (189,000 VND)
  • Side Dish (139,000 VND): Fried corn with butter – a simple yet delicious side dish.

Dessert (99,000 VND)

  • Mixed Tofu – A refreshing dessert with a sweet and creamy blend of soy milk, mung beans, and sago.

Set 2: Fresh Seafood Delights (Total: 622,000 VND)

Appetizer (189,000 VND)

  • Deep-fried shrimp cake – A familiar and delicious dish with crispy shrimp cakes and a hint of spiciness.

Main Dishes (373,000 VND)

  • Seafood & snow fungus soup: A light and nutritious soup with fresh seafood and nourishing snow fungus. (159,000 VND)
  • Quang-style noodles: A flavorful dish with rich broth, chicken/pork/shrimp, chewy noodles, and fresh herbs. (189,000 VND)
  • Side Dish (119,000 VND): Lang Vong green rice soup – a refreshing soup with the distinct flavor of Lang Vong.

Dessert (99,000 VND)

  • Coconut ice cream – Fresh coconut ice cream with a sweet and creamy flavor, topped with shredded coconut.

Set 3: Vegetarian Delights (Total: 496,000 VND)

Appetizer (169,000 VND)

  • Deep-fried vegetarian ribs with fish sauce – A delicious vegetarian dish with sweet and sour sauce and crispy vegetarian ribs.

Main Dishes (327,000 VND)

  • Vegetarian “Pho”: A flavorful vegetarian pho with a clear broth, fresh vegetables, and chewy rice noodles. (139,000 VND)
  • Braised vegetarian ribs with pineapple: Tender braised vegetarian ribs with a sweet and juicy pineapple flavor, provide a hearty and nutritious dish. (189,000 VND)
  • Side Dish (169,000 VND): Deep-fried vegetarian ribs with fish sauce – A delicious dish with sweet and sour sauce and crispy vegetarian ribs.

Dessert (99,000 VND)

  • Green rice ice cream – A refreshing green rice ice cream with a sweet and creamy flavor, topped with coconut and pandan leaves.

Set 4: A Variety of Flavors (Total: 575,000 VND)

Appetizer (139,000 VND)

Snowflake crust fried tofu – Crispy fried tofu with a savory flavor and a spicy dipping sauce.

Main Dishes (336,000 VND)

  • Fried rice with shrimp & pineapple: Fried rice with shrimp, pineapple, and vegetables, is a flavorful and crispy dish. (259,000 VND)
  • Grilled BBQ pork ribs with honey-tamarind: Succulent pork ribs with a sweet and tangy honey-tamarind glaze, served with vegetables. (299,000 VND)
  • Side Dish (119,000 VND): Stir-fried mixed vegetables – A simple and nutritious dish with a variety of stir-fried vegetables.

Dessert (99,000 VND)

  • Caramel pudding – A classic dessert with smooth and creamy caramel custard.

Set 5: Modern Style (Total: 652,000 VND)

Appetizer (189,000 VND)

  • Salmon & scallops wrapped in gold – An elegant dish with fresh salmon and scallops wrapped in crispy rice paper, creating a delicious and visually appealing dish.

Main Dishes (363,000 VND)

  • Stir-fried chicken with lemongrass & bell pepper: A flavorful dish with tender chicken stir-fried with lemongrass and bell peppers, providing a spicy kick. (259,000 VND)
  • Grilled beef in fresh bamboo: Grilled beef in a bamboo tube, creating a smoky and flavorful dish, served with fresh vegetables. (259,000 VND)
  • Side Dish (159,000 VND): Hanoi spring rolls – A refreshing dish with fresh vegetables and meat wrapped in rice paper, creating a light and flavorful bite.
  • Dessert (99,000 VND): Vietnamese green tea with candied lotus seeds mung bean cake – A unique dessert with a delicate green tea flavor, combined with sweet lotus seeds and mung beans.


  • Prices are subject to change.
  • You can adjust the side dishes according to your preference but try to balance the main dishes, side dishes, and desserts for a complete and delicious meal.

The Dining Experience

At Viet Restaurant, service is as much a part of the experience as the food. The staff, trained to provide warm and attentive hospitality, guides diners through the menu, offering insightful explanations of the dishes and their origins. This personal touch enhances the dining experience, making it feel intimate and welcoming.

Customers consistently rave about the authenticity of the dishes and the impeccable service. Online reviews are brimming with praise for the restaurant’s commitment to quality, freshness, and overall ambiance.

Additionally, Viet Restaurant provides a perfect venue for a variety of special events, catering to occasions such as Anniversary Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Company Celebrations, and Valentine’s Day. The team is dedicated to ensuring that each event is meticulously planned and executed, offering bespoke menus and personalized services to create unforgettable moments for every guest. Whether you are looking to celebrate a special milestone or create lasting memories with your loved ones, Viet Restaurant promises a seamless and memorable event tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Beyond Dining: The Cloud Sky Bar Experience

For those looking to extend their evening, a visit to the Cloud Sky Bar on the 9th floor is a must. Here, you can enjoy signature cocktails and a selection of fine wines while taking in the stunning views of Hanoi under the starry sky. The Cloud Sky Bar offers a unique perspective on the city, making it the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a relaxed gathering with friends.


Viet Restaurant stands as a shining example of a culinary haven that combines authentic flavors with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Through its commitment to quality, fresh ingredients, and a genuine passion for Vietnamese culture, the restaurant offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Viet Restaurant is not merely a place to eat; it’s a journey into the heart of Vietnam, a testament to the power of food to connect cultures and inspire a deeper appreciation for the culinary artistry of the world.

When visiting Hanoi, don’t miss the chance to savor the cuisine at “Viet Restaurants” and explore other dining options from our curated list.