In recent years, Da Lat has become an ideal tourist destination in Vietnam that attracts not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. To serve a large number of visitors, the system of motels and hotels in Dalat must be diverse with excellent service quality. Below are some experience in booking a hotel room in Da Lat you need to know:

1. Define the purpose and cost of your Dalat trip

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First, determine how much you can afford for your trip to Dalat. This includes expenses for accommodation, hotels, meals, travel, and shopping. Once you know the affordable cost, you can be easy to find the right hotel.

If you want to stay in a romantic and lyrical place with professional service, you should look for 3-star hotels or more. And if your purpose is just a clean, convenient, and fully-furnished accommodation, you only need to find 1 to 2-star hotels.

2. How to book cheap accommodations in Da Lat

– Choose hotels far from the central area

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The most effective way to save money when renting a hotel is to choose the ones located a bit away from the city center because these hotels are often in quite peaceful places and poetic scenery. However, traveling to tourist destinations in Dalat will be a little difficult. You may pay for additional bus or taxi fees.

– Avoid going during high seasons

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On the peak periods such as weekends, the holidays of April 30th –May 1st or the festival seasons, the number of tourists coming to Dalat is very high, so the hotel prices on these occasions also increase. If you want to rent a cheap room, you should not go to Dalat on these occasions.

Not only that but traveling in the low season will also bring you many exciting experiences. At this time, you can see a quiet Dalat, and you can also find a cheap hotel with a beautiful view easily. However, it is not easy for people to go to Dalat on weekdays, so you should book hotel rooms early, at least one month before the trip.

3. Some budget hotels and motels in Da Lat

Phung Hong Guesthouse

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Address: 43 Buii Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat
Telephone: 0633.834410 – 0164.8833.674

Room price list :
• 1 double bed room 1.6m: 173,000 VND / day usually (for 2 people). (about 8 US dollars/ 865 Japanese Yen)
• 2 double bed room 1.6m: 251,000 VND / day (for 4 people). (about 12 US dollars/ 1255 Japanese Yen)
• 3 double bed room 1.6m: 314,000 VND / day (for 6 people (about 114 US dollars/ 1570 Japanese Yen)

Thien Hoang Guesthouse 2

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Address: 142 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat.
Telephone: 0633 833 000 – 0944 25 0000

Room price list :
• 1 double bed room 1.6m: 180,000 VND / day (for 2 people). (about 8 US dollars/ 900 Japanese Yen)
• 2 double bed room 1.6m: 250,000 VND / day (for 4 people). (about 11 US dollars/ 1250 Japanese Yen)
• 4 double bed room 1.6m: 320,000 VND / day (for 8 people). (About 14 US dollars/ 1600 Japanese Yen)

Hai Long Vuong Hotel

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Address: Lot 6 KQH Tran Le, Tran Le Street, Ward 4, Da Lat.
Telephone: 090 809 92 39.

Room price list:
• A dormitory with 10 beds: 87,000 VND/ day/ person. (about 4 US dollars/ 435 Japanese Yen)
• Double bed room: From 203,000 to 307,000 VND/day (about about 10 – 15 US dollars/ 1015-1535 Japanese Yen)

Hopefully, the experience of renting a hotel room in Dalat above will help you a lot in your upcoming trip.