Specialties of Phu Quoc

Going to Phu Quoc, you can not only take thousands of beautiful photos but also bring many specialties that are only available in Phu Quoc home. If you are still confused about what gifts to buy, check out the suggestions below:

Phu Quoc
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1. Pearls:

Phu Quoc has the best environment for mussels to live

With a long and clean coastline, Phu Quoc has the best environment for mussels to live. Nowadays, when talking about Phu Quoc, people can’t help mentioning beautiful and valuable pearl products. 

Phu Quoc pearls price is quite high, from hundreds to tens of millions, depending on the quality, color, shape. The most precious is the black pearl, with the price of over 20,000,000 VND /seed, while the lowest is the white pearl, with the price of several hundred/ seed.

Phu Quoc pearls price is quite high
Image Credit:Los Angeles Times

2. Phu Quoc fish sauce:

Phu Quoc fish sauce is famous for its delicious and charming flavor

Phu Quoc fish sauce is famous for its delicious and charming flavor.  Phu Quoc fish sauce has a transparent reddish-brown color and very special light smell; The taste is salty and sweet, even rich.

The delicious Phu Quoc fish sauce is made from fresh anchovies (anchovies live and caught in Phu Quoc island).  Currently, Phu Quoc fish sauce brand is not only famous in Vietnam but also in some foreign markets.  The price of one bottle of fish sauce is about 100,000 VND, depending on each type.

3. Pepper:

Pepper is one of Phu Quoc specialties that many tourists often buy as gifts for friends and relatives. The pepper, after being harvested, is often divided into 3 types: white pepper, red pepper, and black pepper.  Phu Quoc pepper is famous for its strong, spicy, intensive and richer flavor than other types of pepper in other regions, especially red pepper.  Pepper price fluctuates around 200,000 VND / 500gr.

4. Sim wine: (Sim is a kind of Myrtaceae):

Sim wine in Phu Quoc is mainly made from the purple sim, which is traditionally produced by naturally fermented from forest sim and white sugar, sometimes can be mixed with alcohol to increase flavor.  Phu Quoc sim wine is considered a kind of medicinal wine made from purple sim by traditional method. It has many good effects for digest, and especially the fruit sim can effectively treat aches and pains. Wine price ranges from 100,000 VND / bottle or more, depending on each type.

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5. Kheo cakes:

In Phu Quoc, “Kheo cakes” are very popular with local people and tourists.  The Kheo cake is made from flour and various fillings like coconut, green beans, taro… with sweet and low-fat sugar, to avoid boredom.  Visitors can buy Phu Quoc Kheo cakes for VND 120,000 / kg.

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6. Dried seafood:

As a typical sea area, dry products made from seafood is obviously indispensable in Phu Quoc. Many types of dried seafood are sold in Duong Dong market – Phu Quoc. With the advantage of the island region, windy but also sunny, the dried seafood here is processed and dried in natural sunlight.  Therefore, it is not wet, but chewy and still retains the fresh, pure taste.

Dried seafood
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Hopefully, after reading the list above, you will have the perfect choice of gifts for your family when traveling to Phu Quoc!