Banh uot long ga (Steamed rice cake with chicken intestine) is a special culinary feature of Da Lat. A dish that anyone who has visited Da Lat must try at least once.

The unique combination of steamed rice cake and chicken intestine has inspired the curiosity of many tourists when traveling to Dalat. Then, when tasting, everyone was fascinated with the strange and attractive flavor of the dish. It is the soft rice cake with the sweet and aromatic chicken. To enjoy, you can refer to the following addresses:

1. Trang Shop


The Trang shop is at 15F Tang Bat Ho, right in the city center. Over 3 generations, the shop not only brings the typical flavor of Dalat tourism to customers but also keeps many memories of the mountain town.

The rice cake in the shop is a kind of glutinous rice mixed with a little flour and cassava to create distinctive aroma and plasticity. The chicken meat and intestine used with the steamed cake are also very carefully prepared.


The shop sells from 1:00 pm to the end of the afternoon, but many customers sometimes visit the shop before. To avoid wasting time, you can continue to roam the Hoa Binh area or go to the nearby bookstore.
A full bowl at the shop costs 35,000 VND (about 1.5 US dollars / 175 yen). If you can not eat some parts from chicken, you can tell the owner in advance.

2. Long Shop


Referring to this famous this in Dalat, you definitely have to mention the Long restaurant in Alley 202, Lot A16, Phan Dinh Phung Street, about 2 km from Dalat market. Visitors and locals highly rate this restaurant on the food pages for its rich flavor, eye-catching decor, as well as the plump steamed rice cake and soft chicken.

The rice cakes here will be prepared as soon as customers order. Therefore, you can enjoy the hot taste, which is suitable for the cold weather in Dalat. Perhaps thanks to that reason, the shop is always crowded, then customers may have to wait a little longer.


The shop is not too large, only accommodating about 30 people, but the plus point is the airy and clean space. A full bowl at the shop costs about 30.000- 35.000 VND (about 1.5 US dollars/ 150- 175 yen)

3. Hang 68 Shop


Hang 68 Restaurant, at 68 Phan Dinh Phung, mostly serves the locals. Although the shop is not too large, it is quite clean and has a convenient parking lot. The special feature of Dalat steamed rice cake with chicken intestine here is that they are also served with aromatic fried dough. It seems that the two dishes are not related to each other, but when you enjoy them, you will not forget their flavor.


Hang 68 restaurant also attracts customers for its free hot ginger tea. Tourists can both enjoy Dalat Banh uot long ga and a cup of warm ginger tea to dispel the cold weather here. A full bowl at the restaurant costs about 30.000- 35.000 VND (about 1.5 US dollars/ 150-177 yen).