Coming to the dream city Dalat, visitors will have the opportunity to explore many great destinations. One of the most popular destinations in Dalat is Tuyen Lam Lake. This place is like a green paradise in Dalat. So, do you know where Tuyen Lam Lake is and how to get here? Let us help you with the Tuyen Lam Lake travel experience below.

1. Brief introduction about Tuyen Lam lake


Tuyen Lam Lake is a beautiful lake located in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. With an area of ​​over 320ha, Tuyen Lam Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat. The lake is next to Phuong Hoang mountain, about 7km from the city center. Tuyen Lam Lake is also in the top 20 national tourist attractions of Vietnam.

With beautiful and poetic natural scenery, Tuyen Lam Lake is like a paradise with lush green forests and small oases. The fresh, cool atmosphere here is also an attractive element for visitors.

2. When to visit Tuyen Lam Lake.


Dalat city is considered to have the most pleasant climate in our country. You can experience all 4 season spring – summer – autumn – winter within 1 day in Dalat. Therefore, you can come to Tuyen Lam Lake at any time of the year. According to Tuyen Lam Lake travel experience, the best time to go here is around July to September every year.

3. How to get to Tuyen Lam Lake


The distance from the center of Dalat city to Tuyen Lam Lake is about 7km, and the road is entirely asphalt. According to Tuyen Lam Lake travel experience, here are the two most popular routes that many people choose:

– Option 1: You start from Hoa Binh area then go to Le Dai Hanh Street. Continue to turn to Tran Quoc Toan Street, then go on Ho Tung Mau Street – 3 Thang 2 Street. Go all the way here, and you will reach Prenn Pass, and keep running straight down the pass. Then, turn to Thien Vien Truc Lam on the right. Finally, you will get to Tuyen Lam Lake.

– Option 2: Hoa Binh Area – 3 Thang 2 Street – Pasteur – Trieu Viet Vuong – Tran Thanh Tong – Truc Lam Zen Monastery – Tuyen Lam Lake.

4. What to experience at Tuyen Lam Lake


– Discover the beautiful natural scenery at Tuyen Lam Lake

Coming to Tuyen Lam Lake, everyone wants to explore the natural beauty here. You can immerse yourself in nature and feel like your soul more relaxed. All the worries and stresses of life seem to disappear, too. Also, you can experience many exciting activities, such as cycling around the lake, horse-riding on green grass, climbing or fishing, etc.

– Take a boat trip on Tuyen Lam Lake

Another extremely interesting experience when traveling to Tuyen Lam Lake that you should not ignore is to take a boat on the lake to feel the most attractive beauty of Tuyen Lam lake.

5. A few notes when traveling to Tuyen Lam Lake


– On the way to Tuyen Lam Lake, you will have to go through Prenn Pass. This is a pass with dangerous bends, so you need to be very careful.

– There are very few restaurants and bars around Tuyen Lam Lake. Therefore, you should bring some snacks.

– Many people wonder about the price of a ticket to visit Tuyen Lam Lake. However, it is completely free to explore Tuyen Lam Lake.