Son Tra Peninsula is dubbed the “jewel” that nature bestowed on Danang tourism. With many famous landscapes, along with many other attractive destinations, Da Nang Son Tra Peninsula promises to be an ideal location, bringing visitors unprecedented exciting experiences.

1. About Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra peninsula in Danang, Vietnam

About 10 km northeast of Danang city, Son Tra Peninsula is located in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District. There is a primeval forest with a fresh and cool climate all year round. A special feature of Son Tra Peninsula is that it has 3 sides to the sea, and one to the city.

This is the only peninsula of Vietnam with a forest ecosystem attached to the sea. The place is covered with a deep green of primeval forest 4,439ha wide, 13 km long, and an average 350m high, mixed with the jade green of the surrounding East Sea. The place is considered a giant shield, as well as the green lung of Da Nang city.

2. The ideal time to go to Son Tra Peninsula

The climate here has two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season in Danang usually starts from March to the end of September. This is the best time to visit Son Tra Peninsula. At this time, the weather is sunny, dry, cool, airy, with less stormy.

Other months (from late September to November) is the rainy season, in which there are often storms and dense fog, making it difficult to move to here.

 3. Transportation to Son Tra Peninsula

The road to this peninsula is extremely convenient and easy. Tourists can visit and experience through their own means. Or, you can rent a motorbike, taxi, car if traveling with family, a group of people.

Danang taxi

 • If traveling from the North to Da Nang, you can follow the Nguyen Tat Thanh Seaway, passing Thuan Phuoc Bridge to reach Son Tra Peninsula.

• If traveling from the South to Danang, you can go along Truong Sa Beach, to Vo Nguyen Giap Street. Continue going straight along Hoang Sa Street to Son Tra Peninsula.

4. Must-visit places in Son Tra Peninsula

  • Linh Ung Pagoda
Linh Ung pagoda, Son Tra peninsula, Danang, Vietnam

This is the first stop if you follow Hoang Sa Seaway. The place is an ancient pagoda with unique architecture combining spirituality and modernity. The highlight of this pagoda is the 67m tallest statue of Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) in Vietnam with 17 floors of tower. Standing here, you will admire the entire peninsula area.

  • Ban Co Peak
Ban Co Peak, Son Tra peninsula, Danang, Vietnam

Taking the winding path to the south, you will have to climb the steep steps to Ban Co Peak. Here, you will enjoy the cool air with fresh, natural scenery. The most outstanding feature is the statue of 2 gods playing chess.

  • Thousand-year-old Banyan tree
The thousand year-old banyan tree in Son Tra, Danang

As the oldest tree of the mountains, according to the legend, the Banyan tree is the place where the gods often choose to have fun when coming to the world, so that the tree has a rare beauty. According to a report by the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula, this banyan tree has a circumference of 10m and 26 auxiliary roots. Each root is about 25m high. This banyan tree is the heritage tree of the city and is being visited by tourists.

  • Bai But Beach
Bai But, Son Tra, Danang

Bai But Beach has become familiar not only to domestic tourists but also to foreign tourists for the beauty of the natural scenery known as the Buddha realm in the human world. Nestled in a very beautiful strait, Bai But Beach is a harmonious place between the sea and mountains, where there are roads to take people from the city to the vast area of the sky and sea.

5. Useful Son Tra travel tips

  • For those who love traveling and exploring, it’s better to travel by motorbike to have more interesting experiences. If traveling with family or friends, you should book a taxi, car or tour to make it more convenient.
  • Right timing is also an essential factor in every trip.
  • Tourists should have some personal items: observation binoculars, sun creams, mosquito repellent cream (especially for young children).
  • Do not forget to bring a camera, phone fully charged battery to take pictures or check-in.