1. Introduction about Bach Long Vi island


Long Vi Island is located in the central area of ​​the Tonkin Gulf. This island is also the farthest place from the Tonkin Gulf. Bach Long Vi Island was officially established in 1992 and became a district of Hai Phong province. From the map, this island looks like a dragon’s tail. That is also the reason why people give it the name White Dragon.

Bach Long Vi Island has an area of ​​about 1.78 km2 at high tide and 3.05km2 at low tide. Currently, the population on the island is about 600 people. They mainly live by fishing.

2. The ideal time to travel to Bach Long Vi Island.


The weather in Bach Long Vi Island is divided into two main seasons: rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season usually takes place from May to August every year with hot, humid weather and heavy rain. The dry season lasts from April to September every year. In general, the weather and climate on Bach Long Vi Island are quite cool and pleasant, with an average temperature of just over 20 degrees Celsius per year.


The most ideal time for you to explore this island is from April to September each year because this is the time when there is rarely rain, and the temperature is not too high so that it will be very convenient for your journey.

3. How to move to Bach Long Vi island


According to the experience of traveling to Bach Long Vi Island, you should go by speedy train to save time. The cost of a high-speed train is about 100-150.000 VND/ person (about 4.5-6 US dollars/ 500-750 yen). At present, in the area of ​​Binh wharf, Hai Phong has the Bach Long high-speed train to take tourists to the island. It takes about 7 hours to get there.


Another way at no cost is that you can travel by fishing boats of fishermen. However, due to the distance from the mainland to the island up to over 130km, traveling by fishing boat will be very tiring and time-consuming.

4. Where to stay on Bach Long Vi island


Since tourism has not been exploited much, there are no motels or hotels to serve tourists. The most popular form of accommodation on this island is to ask for a stay at a home of the islanders. The people living on the island are very gentle and hospitable so that you can be assured. You can also contact Mr. Duan- Tuyet’s house at 01683334296 or 0977731648 to apply for accommodation.


You can also easily buy food and have your host cook. The cost of the room is quite cheap, only about 250-300.000VND/day (around 12 – 15 US dollars/ 1250 – 1500 yen).

5. Interesting experiences on Bach Long Vi Island

Watch the sunrise on the island: The best place to watch the sunrise is from the lighthouse. In the morning, you will enjoy the fresh, calm atmosphere, as well as feel the harmony of the sky and the ground. You will feel much more relaxed in your soul. All the chaos and worries in life seem to disappear.


Walk on the beach: Bach Long Vi Island has pristine beaches and beautiful tranquility. Walking on the smooth sand, listening to the murmuring waves, and watching the boats in the distance is a wonderful experience.


Make a campfire on the coast: As night falls, it’s time for all the fun activities on the island. You can light a campfire right on the beach and organize a very attractive seafood BBQ.

With the above sharing, I hope you will get a trip to the complete frontal island, Bach Long Vi. Let’s pack up to travel to Bach Long Vi Island – the attractive island with the wild nature still.