Road to the top of Fansipan – Roof of Indochina


It is the highest mountain in Indochina in general and Vietnam in particular. Conquering Fansipan peak attracts anyone who wants to explore and conquer nature.  Here is a guide to the top of Fansipan to help you travel with ease.


Fansipan, with a height of 3143 m, is located in the center of the Hoang Lien Son range.  This place is known as the Roof of Indochina.  From Hanoi, tourists can catch the Hanoi – Sapa night train (333km) to Lao Cai province early in the morning.  Ticket prices range from 195.000 – 450.000 VND depending on the type (about 9-19 US dollars/975-2250 yen).  After that, visitors go by bus or car to Sapa for about 40km.

You can conquer Fansipan peak by climbing or by cable car system.


– Climbing to Fansipan Peak: The mountains are always the conquerors’ favorite landmarks. That is why you need to prepare your health, equipment and good spirit. It takes you 6 to 7 days to conquer the road to the top of Fansipan.

In Sapa town, tourists come to Tram Ton and Cat Cat to start the conquest of Fansipan.  You will climb along the way Tram Ton – Fansipan – Tram Ton or Tram Ton – Fansipan – Cable car.  The total length of the road is 11.6 km, with 2 lunch breaks and 2 night stays. It takes about 9 hours and 02 days continuously (takes 3 hours to get to the stop 2,200m and 4 hours to rest at the stop 2,800m and 2 hours to reach the top). This is the shortest path, not too steep, easy to walk without leech. The roads are mainly flat paths, created by indigenous people who often go to the forest for a long time in cultivation.


– Conquering Fansipan by cable car system: From 2016, Sapa has operated the Fansipan cable car route to help visitors have the opportunity to set foot on the top of Fansipan to admire the roof of Indochina.  Fansipan Cable Car Station is located in Fansipan Legend Tourist Area.  You can buy a round-trip ticket for the cable car at the station with an adult price of 700,000 VND / person (about 31 US dollars/ 3500 yen), a child fare from 1m-1.4m high is 500,000 VND/person (about 21 US dollars/2500 yen). Children under 1m will be free of charge.


The journey to the Fansipan peak is about 15 minutes.  During the time in the cabin, visitors can admire the beautiful natural scenery at an altitude of thousands of meters: the dense primeval Hoang Lien Son forest, poetic Muong Hoa valley, panoramic and majestic Hoang Lien Son range. After stopping at the arrival station, visitors only take 30 minutes to climb 600 steps to reach the top of Mount Fansipan, touching the landmark marked the Roof of Indochina.


Standing on the Roof of Indochina, you should take some memorable photos of the Fansipan landmark to admire the human hand that created the great work, and do not forget to zoom your eyes away, watching the Hoang Lien Son Mountains among clouds around the back of the pass.