Da Lat, also known as “the city of flowers”, “the city of love”, or “the paradise of couples”, is famous for various entertaining spots as well as the typical Dalat cold weather. However, to find a satisfactory hotel that is affordable is not so easy. If you have a trip to Da Lat soon, you should save the list of the following Da Lat hotels for reference to make the best choice!

Nice Bee HosteL  


This is one of the best-rated hotels in Da Lat! The extremely youthful, clean and neat layout of the hostel will impress you at first sight. Especially, you can even have a feeling of being on a camp right in the house when staying at the dorm tent in Nice Bee Hostel.


Rating: 9.5 – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.6 km Price: 98,000 VND / night (about 4 US dollars / 490 Japanese Yen)  

Address: Vo Thi Sau, Ward 2, Da Lat – Tel: 091 681 81 47

Mr. Peace Backpacker’s House


This location is another cheap Dalat hotel just under 200.000VND (about 9 US dollars) for you. The highlight is the bar right inside the garden. Because the staff here are fluent in both English and Vietnamese, foreigners love this place so much! Just come to join and have fun while learning English. Besides, they offer numerous good tours, as well as interesting karaoke service.


Rating: 8.3 – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.6 km Price: 103,000 VND / night (about 5 US dollars / 515 Japanese Yen)

Address: 79 Bui Thi Xuan, Da Lat – Tel: 063 3828 456

Dalat Easy Friend Hostel


There are a lot of foreign guests here, so it is also a good chance for you to communicate with them in English in such an open space. And the reasonable price is a strong point here as well.


Rating: 8.7 – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.8 km Price: 132,000 VND / night (about 6 US dollars / 660 Japanese Yen)

Address: 3 Doan Thi Diem, Da Lat – Tel: 098 200 78 73

Violet Bui Thi Xuan Guest House


This is an ideal hotel for those who come to work in Dalat because there are postal and photocopy services available. The rooms are decorated simply but very comfortable with tile floors, wardrobes, seating areas, minibars, and cable TVs.


Rating: 7.6 – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.4 km Price: 139,000 VND / night (about 6 US dollars / 695 Japanese Yen)

Address: 79 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat – Tel: 063 3747 878

Cam Tu Cau Hotel


Another hotel on the list is Cam Tu Cau hotel. The strongest point of this place is the clean and comfortable rooms that can be favored by any guests. Especially, there is a cooking place for those who want to go to the market and cook themselves!


Rating: 7. – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.6 km Price: 147,000 VND / night (about 7 US dollars / 735 Japanese Yen)

Address: 118 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2, Da Lat – Tel: 093 800 20 02

Phuong Huy 3 Guest House  


It is also a reasonable choice for tourists coming to Dalat without worrying about the price. The hotel also offers motorbike rental service, and many tours to discover Da Lat, but mostly for foreigners. The rooms are quite stable and fully-equipped for your relaxation.


Rating: 7.0 – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.4 km Price: 148,000 VND / night (about 7 US dollars / 740 Japanese Yen)

Address: 46 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat – Tel: 063 3536 56

Dalat 24h Guest House


This place is highly recommended on Agoda for the luxurious, modern and fully-equipped rooms with a cheap price under 200.000 VND (about 9 US dollars). You can book a room before arrival to make sure there is available room for you.


Rate: 8.7 – Distance from Dalat Market: 0.6 Price: 197,000 VND / night (about 9 US dollars / 985 Japanese Yen)

Address: 17, 56 Hai Thuong, Ward 6, Da Lat Tel: 063 3527 567

Above are some Dalat travel advice in choosing hotels. If you have already planned a trip, take a look at this note and you will surely have a great vacation with awesome budget hotels in Dalat.