People come to Hue not only for the romantic and dreamy scenery but also for the vestige of Hue Citadel – the old royal court of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam. Hue Citadel is a unique and ancient architecture that you definitely cannot miss when coming to Hue Ancient Capital!

1. About Hue Citadel


Located on the banks of the Huong River, Hue Citadel is one of the monuments belonging to the Complex of Hue Monuments recognized as a World Cultural Heritage, and the place still holds many unique imprints of feudalism of the Nguyen Dynasty hundreds of years ago.


As a massive building in the history of Vietnam, Hue Citadel has a lengthy construction process of up to 30 years, with tens of thousands of people performing various jobs, such as river filling, ditching, building walls, moving tombs, and a tremendous amount of rock, soil.

Visiting Hue Citadel Complex, you will admire hundreds of magnificent palaces, temples, and shrines. With its magnificent beauty and excellent architecture, you will surely enjoy the journey.

2. How to move to Hue Citadel?


Hue Citadel is located in Hue Imperial City, right in the heart of Hue City. From the southern bank of the Huong River, passing Trang Tien Bridge, Phu Xuan Bridge, or Bach Ho Bridge, then going towards Quang Duc gate, you can move to Hue Citadel. There are many ways to get there, such as cyclo, bicycle, motorbike, taxi, etc.

3. When to come to Hue Citadel?


In April or June of even years, there will be the Hue Festival. The festival takes place with many traditional Hue cultural activities. You can also go to Hue in January and February because, during that time, the weather in Hue is comfortable, so visiting Hue Citadel will be more enjoyable.

4. Ticket price to Hue Citadel


The admission tickets include both Hanoi Citadel and Museum. There are many objects from the Nguyen Dynasty being displayed at the museum. So, when you buy the ticket, remember to visit the museum.

– Adults: 120,000 VND / person (about 6 US dollars/ 600 yen)
– Children: 30,000 VND / person (about 1.5 US dollars/ 150 yen)
– Foreigners: 150,000 VND / person (about 7 US dollars/ 750 yen)

5. What’s interesting about Hue Royal Court?

– Going on a cyclo to explore every corner of the Citadel

One of the most exciting experiences is renting a cyclo to explore every corner of Hue. This is the right choice when you are a little “lazy” and tired after the walking journey or when you want to enjoy the fun and explore all the beauty in a limited time. The price of a cyclo trip around the palace is from 20 – 30,000 VND (about 1-1.5 US dollars/100-150 yen). Also, cyclo helps you not worry about getting lost.

– Admire the beautiful Hue Royal Palace at night as a feudal castle


The ideal time to visit is during the day until 5 pm. However, you can linger in the outside square to see the ancient capital with colorful electric lights, which looks like a small old town in the heart of dreaming Hue with 2 sides of the sparkling lake. It’s time to take some beautiful photos!

– Learn the history of the Nguyen Dynasty

Indeed, even if you do not like boring history, you are more or less curious and excited to learn about the historical traces here, including museums exhibiting old objects. The object is carefully preserved; the vestiges of a flourishing feudal era once lived under the king; the tombs and temples still imprint over time. Everything appears clearly through each journey of exploring the ancient land in Hue.

– Enjoy tea in the peaceful scenery at Dien Tho Palace


One of the most popular specialties in this place is tea, and it is better when you can enjoy it in the middle of the very typical setting here. Aromatic tea with beautiful and peaceful scenery is an elegant and complete pleasure that you should try when coming here.

– Participate in festive activities at the palace

If you are lucky enough to go to the festive season, you will see another new setting in the Citadel. Usually, the festival is during April, June, or every Saturday night to attract many tourists and local people to visit.

6. Attractive sights in Hue Citadel


– Ngo Mon Gate: This is the exit gate. If you come too late at the time the attraction is closed, but still want to take beautiful pictures or have a panoramic view of the palace, you can stop at Ngo Mon Gate. The U-shaped gate consists of 5 aisles with the ironwood roof. Space around is airy and cool with a clear lake. This is also a place for you to see part of the sophistication in the design of Hue Citadel.

– Beautiful and fresh scenery at Dien Tho Palace: Among palaces in Hue Imperial Palace, Dien Tho is the largest architecture system in Hue to this day. It used to be the residence of the Queen and Empress Dowager.


– Forbidden City: This place also belongs to Hue ancient ruins and is located in the Hoanh Thanh area. The Forbidden City is the residence of the Nguyen kings as well as the dynasty. Here, there are more than 50 buildings of varying sizes.

– Truong Sanh Palace (Phung Tien Palace): This is an area for women to participate in the thanksgiving ceremony, mainly for the grandmother and the king’s mother. You can visit and enjoy the fresh scenery at Thuong Uyen Co Ha garden or Kham Van Palace – a peaceful and relaxing place to teach to princes.